Company Core Values

The core values of Silver Star Century Group are integrity, excellence and focus.


Our vision is to help Silver Star Century Group accomplish the following:

  • To follow the development plan of the group and taking every step steadily to ensure that each phase is done smoothly.
  • To constantly provide our clients with the best services and put them as our utmost priority.
  • To recruit the best talents available to build up the business.
  • To develop and maximize the potential of the group.


Our mission is:

  • To set integrity as our foundation.
  • To place our customers as our foremost priority.
  • To develop in harmony.

Through hard work, we wish to help our partners and clients achieve success in their career and financial freedom. We also hope to be able to give back to the society along with our partners.

Silver Star Century Group Limited

Since the company was founded, we have focused on developing businesses in investment, entertainment, commerce and travel.

Industries include:

Gaming partners:

  • Philippines gaming partners
  • Australia gaming partners
  • Cambodia gaming partners
  • Las Vegas gaming partners
  • China gaming partners
  • Korea gaming partners
  • Online gaming partners
  • Live cockfight entertainment

Business lifestyle provider:

  • Private jet
  • Yacht rental
  • Personal financial advisor
  • Hotel booking
  • Unique tours
  • Business center

Financial investments:

  • Providing binary option platform
  • Holding finance seminars
  • Online financial trading competition