Silver Star Century Group Limited

Silver Star Century Group Limited (SSCG) was founded in 2012, with our headquarters located in Manila, Philippines. Silver Star Century Group Limited has 3 main businesses, namely Gaming, Finance and Travel.

In 2014, Silver Star Century Group obtained gaming license from the Philippines government, and became a major company in the development of gaming and entertainment business in Philippines. Through high quality services and passion in the business, we have built a large and loyal customer base. We began to develop both online and offline businesses, and currently serve customers from China, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, etc.

With the hopes of providing better travelling experience, we set up Silver Star Leisure and Entertainment Limited to provide more unique and personalized travel activities for our clients.

With the increasing living standard, conventional travelling agencies can no longer satisfy the new generation of city dwellers. That is why our team designed a series of unique travelling programs that was well received and popular among our clients.

SSCG believes in diversification in business, and is recently focusing on “Binary Option”. Binary option is a type of simplified Forex trading. With the emergence of technology and the development of online trading platform, Binary Option is becoming more and more popular, especially in countries such as Europe, America, Middle East and Japan etc. Binary option is fast, flexible, stable and has many investment varieties. After many years of communications and collaborations, Silver Star Century Group finally decided to partner with Tradologic and set up Silver Star Finance Division to provide wealth management and new opportunities to our clients.