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Silver Star Ventures into Tourism Industry

Silver Star Century Group Limited (SSCG) was founded in 2012, with our headquarters located in Manila, Philippines. After years of hard work, we have diversified our business into different industries. Silver Star Century Group Limited has 3 main businesses, namely Gaming, Finance and Travel.

In 2016, SSCG is fully prepared to venture into the Tourism Industry, and Bulgaria is our chosen first base.

Summary of Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country in southeastern Europe, with a land area of 110,000 square kilometers and a population of more than 700 million people. It is bordered by Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey as well as the Black Sea. It is a country that connects the European and Asian continent. Most commercial and cultural activities are centered on its capital and largest city, Sofia, which is located in the center of Bulgaria.

Bulgaria has a great geographical location with tourism being one of the most developed industries in the country. It has many well-preserved historical sites with a beautiful coastline. Add that to the skiing spots in winter and Bulgaria becomes a popular tourism destination for visitors from all around the world.

Its ecological environment combined with its relatively low living standard and good social order are appealing. In recent years, many investors from Asia see the thriving tourism opportunities in Bulgaria and start flocking in to invest.

In 2014, an intent agreement between Shanghai and Sofia was signed with the goal of becoming sister cities. This shows the importance of Bulgaria amongst the European countries.

Invested Projects

Currently, Silver Star Century Group Limited and Bulgarian developers are working hand-in-hand to develop Sunset Resort and Water Theme Park to help investors fulfil their dreams of investing and migrating to this beautiful country.

For this partnership, SSCG is also working with Sky Ventures Group. Their headquarters is located in Singapore, and they provide a series of realty services and platforms, including buying, selling and leasing of residential and industrial estates. They also provide financial management services, and have won many prestigious awards.

Shares for Sunset Aquapark AD Available for Purchase

Silver Star Century Group is partnering with Sky Ventures Group, and we are distributing Shares for Sunset Aquapark AD. The total number of shares are 8,200, but a total of 4,100 units are available for the public with the focus primarily on Asian investors. Clients who purchase these Shares will be shareholders of this project. Also, as the project is built on a freehold land, this means that investors will receive long-term dividends. The Shares are transferrable, and the breakeven period is estimated to be only 4 years.

Silver Star Century Group is now the sole distributor for Shares of this project, which is why we are opening this opportunity to our members. On top of that, SSCG members can apply for instalment plans when purchasing these Shares. When the third phase is completed, the Shares will have a huge potential for growth and profit.