Silver Star Care

No Borders, Forever

Silver Star Care is a program that focuses on the social issues of Philippines as well as the world.

Silver Star Care Program organizes various campaigns and activities around the world. Silver Star Care Program works with Teenager Development Funds, Philippines Handicapped Society and other charities to help with educational, families and health issues.

Silver Star Care Activities

The Payatas area in the Philippines has about 500,000 poor people whose lives are extremely difficult. Majority of them depend on picking and selling scraps in order to live. The children do not live in a clean or healthy environment, and do not even have access to education.

Fairplay is a non-governmental charity that was established in 2011. The organization is committed to helping the poor, particularly in providing humanitarian support to children and adolescents. Recently, Fairplay has funded more than 100 children, providing them with a clean and healthy living environment as well as essential life support; a library and youth football club were also set up in the area. Fairplay believes that by helping the community to feel hopeful, the act of charity will go on for generations.

In 2015, Silver Star Care Program intends to increase our cooperation with Fairplay to help more people in need.